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College Alumni Association

An association of the college alumni has been formed. It gives valuable suggestions for the betterment of their Alma Mater. The members of the association meet periodically and discuss ways and means to make their Alma Mater a model one.

Objectives of the Alumni Association are:

1.To work for the welfare of the G.G.S Khalsa College Sarhali and support and make effects to fulfil its vision and mission.
2.To establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the institution and its alumni.
3.To encourage and organize educational, social, cultural, sports and civic activities among members.
4.To maintain links with alumni in the country and abroad and exchange innovative ideas and share information through communication for the betterment of the  institution.
5.To promote and provide help for educational scholarship and medical relief to poor and needy students of G.G.S Khalsa College Sarhali, Tarn Taran.
6.To help foster a global perspective/standard in leading, learning and to prepare students for the global job market.
7.To help in providing world class infrastructure for the students of the institution, so that the students of this institution could compete at international level.
8.To arrange seminars, symposia, workshops and lectures for refreshing/updating knowledge and information of the alumni and current students of the institution.
9.To honour the distinguished alumni for their outstanding contribution.
10.To create a fund for providing financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students of the college and the name of the fund is “G.G.S Khalsa College Alumni Association Society Fund”.

Alumni Registration:

Registered Alumni will be invited to all meetings, functions etc of the association. They will get opportunity to contribute to the growth of their almamater in a meaningful way.

If you are and old student of our college, please feel free to register yourself here and become a member of the association.
College Alumni Meet Held on 30 April 2024