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College Founders and Patron
Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji was the founder of Sampardai Kaar Sewa Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji. He was founder of Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College Sarhali. He was born to Baba Manna Singh Ji and Mata Mangal Kaur in Sarhali in 1927. He performed all the social responsibilities as a member of a joint family for thirty years with complete dedication and sincerity. He had a religious bent of mind. He had a strong desire to spread the Sikh religion and the message of love and brotherhood in the society. In 1957 he dedicated his life for the upliftment of the society in this area. With this end in view he established Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College in 1970. He remained the founder patron of this college till he breathed his last. Under his patronage the college began to make rapid strides of progress in different fields. He also performed yeoman's service in other social fields and earned name and fame not only in Punjab but also in other parts of the country. Baba Ji was a votary of brotherhood and worked tirelessly throughout his life for it. Baba Ji respected every religion without prejudice though he was an adherent of Sikhism. During his discourses, he used to refer to other religions to make his points clear. Baba Ji established community kitchens, educational institutions and clinics in several parts of the country viz Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Sampardai Kaar Sewa Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji is now performing the Kaar Sewa of Sikh Gurudwaras in Bangla Desh also. Baba Ji used to spend money from his own pocket on the marriages of the daughters of the needy and the have-nots. The ceremony of Amrit Sanchar was used to be performed on the day of Sakranti every month. With his initiatives millions of people were baptised during his life time. He breathed his last on 18 Poh 1987. He had nominated Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Charan Singh Ji as his successor. The deeds done by Baba Ji are still engraved on the minds of the people. His contribution in the fields of education and social services is matchless. With his blessings the college transformed into a big institution. It has now become famous not only in the district but also in the entire state. The college is performing a big service to the students of the area.
Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Charan Singh Ji was born in 1954. He was a younger brother of Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji. He used to remain absorbed in Naam Bani right from the beginning. After the passing away of Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji on Poh 18 1987, he became the head of the Sampardai Kaar Sewa Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji. He was an ascetic and for him kirtan was a food for the soul. He did not use medicines throughout his life. For him Gurbani was the ultimate refuge. Baba Ji always laid stress on the purity of character of those who preached Sikhism. Baba Ji had a special devotion and respect for the Gurudwara Guru Ka Mahal. Digging of wells to fulfill the need of potable water was one of the special activities he was interested in. The Hindus and the Sikhs held him in high esteem. He used to refer to different religions during his discourses to make the points clear. Baba Ji made special contribution to enlarge the sphere of activities of the Sampardai. Besides the construction of schools, colleges, hospitals and other social institutions he got constructed lanes and drains in villages. The college made a comprehensive progress under his patronage. He had very cordial relations with the college staff. He spent his entire life in the service of the people. He left this world on July 11 2001. Before that, he had appointed Sant Baba Sukha Singh as his successor. Every year, the death anniversary of Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji and Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Charan Singh Ji is celebrated with fervor on the 1st of January. Amrit Sanchar & Kabbadi matches at the international level are held on 2nd January. Mass marriages of poor girls are solemnized on 3rd January at Gurudwara Gurpuri Sahib.
Sant Baba Sukha Singh ji - Present Patron