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General College Rules, Regulations and Instructions for All Students
The total responsibility of having read the follwing rules and regulations shall be upon the parents & students. Ignorance of the college rules shall not be excused.

For the kind attention of Parents and Students:

As a student of Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College:

a  you have the right to expect a teacher to take your classes on time sincerely and effectively.

b  have the right to expect the teacher to grade and assess your progress regularly.

c  have the right to get credit for any original work you have produced.

As a student you are expected to:

a   reach the class a time and attend your classes regularly as per the time-table.
b   expect the faculty members to give assignments for the evaluation of your progress.

It is in the interest of the students of Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa college that they should not get involved in any such activities due to which the learning process gets effected. For instance, missing classes and roaming aimlessly in the campus. There should be no cheating/plagiarism, or giving false information to obtain concessions etc.

The following instructions must be kept in mind:

1  It is obligatory for all students to obey college rules & regulations.

2  Students having compartment in 10+2 shall be admitted to Graduate Courses as per University Rules.

3  Admission to the courses having fixed number of seats will be held on the basis of merit/test.

4  Migration is not allowed for professional courses having fixed seats.

5  Rights regarding Migration are reserved with the Principal.

6  Personal presence is compulsory at the time of admission.

7  Admission will be cancelled & the fee deposited will not be refunded in case of any wrong/false information provided by the candidate in the admission form.

8   All students must keep their identity cards with them and present them for inspection when requested to do so by a teacher or competent college authority. Students are not allowed to enter the college campus without their identity card.

9   The right to admission is reserved with the Principal.

10  The Principal can refuse admission to any student & his or her admission can be cancelled without assigning any reason.

11  The fee will not be refunded in case the University or the Institution concerned cancels the admission of student or the college after investigation finds a candidate guilty of some serious lapse.

12  Eligibilty Certificate from Guru Nanak Dev University will have to be produced by those students who have passed their lower examination from a University or Board outside the Punjab.

13  Admission will be cancelled in case the fee is not deposited on time or by the date fixed.

14  Information & rules and regulations given on this website can be changed from time to time.

15  The candidate will not be allowed to sit in the university Examination in case his/her lectures are short or he/she does not get the required pass percentage in the House Tests / Mid Semester Test.

16   Political Activities of any kind are prohibited in the college.

17  It is the sole responsibility of students to deposit there fees and other dues in time which will be notified from time to time.

18  Photography / videography etc. of any kind is strictly prohibited in the college without permission of the principal.