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Guru Gobind Singh Ji
College Profile and History

Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College is affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, Punjab. It is a grant-in-aid co-educational institute established in 1970 by Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji with the active cooperation of the people of this area. The college has made impressive progress in academic and other fields since then. The contribution of Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Tara Singh Ji in other fields of life is equally important. He made tremendous efforts during his life to maintain the glory of Sikh shrines located in the different parts of the country. Sri Maan Mahapurakh Sant Baba Charan Singh Ji continued the tradition and now Baba Sukha Singh present Patron of the college has been following in the foot steps of his predecessors. With the whole-hearted cooperation of the Patron, Honorary Secretary and the whole Managing Committee the college has attained many achievements. The college has started the latest career-oriented courses and there by is keeping pace with the changing trends in the field of education.

The college is situated in natural surroundings at Sarhali on the Amritsar-Tarn Taran-Harike highway. It is one of the leading colleges which have started various professional computer and other job-oriented courses. The college is running graduate and post graduate degree and diploma courses in Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer Science streams. The college has secured a prestigious position in the field of education. It maintains a high academic standard. It has experienced and hard working staff that work with a missionary zeal. Discipline and work-culture pervade the campus. The institution strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of the UGC, Department of Higher Education of Punjab Government and Guru Nanak Dev University in all academic affairs.
The college is also affiliated to Punjab School Education Board for 10+1 and 10+2 courses and Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open university for Diploma and Certificate courses which can be done as Add-On courses along with the regular study.

In Nutshell:

College Name: Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College

Location: Sarhali Kalan (Amritsar- Tarn Taran- Harike Highway)

Established: 1970

Affiliation | Accreditation: [1] Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
[2] Punjab School Education Board for senior secondary courses (10+1, 10+2)
[3] Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University, Patiala for add-on courses

Courses Offered in: Arts, Science, Commerce and Computer Science

Type of Courses: Degree and Master Degree Courses, Diploma and Certificate courses

Mode of Study: Regular

Finance: Punjab Government Grant-in-Aid Educational Institute

College Organization Structure
college emblem
Khanda - double edged sword
College Emblem and College Shabad

The college Emblem bears the motto of the college "Shubh Karman Te Kabhun Na Taron." These holy words form part of a hymn by Guru Gobind Singh the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. These holy words imply that one should never desist from doing righteous deeds. The hymn exhorts us to do righteous deeds fearlessly in our society and be victorious with determination. Education is the best and the most important system to plant this ideal firmly in the minds of our students for the upliftment of our society. Considering this aspect of education and the fact that educational institutes are not commercial or teaching shops, the college always keeps its mission of service above everything else. The college is aware of its role and responsibility of disseminating knowledge and of nation building. As the college is named after the name of tenth Guru, so his sacred words have been adopted as the motto in the emblem to express our vision and objective in no uncertain terms.

College Emblem also includes:

The Double-edged Swordis a metaphor of Divine Knowledge, its sharp edges cleaving Truth from Falsehood.

Light Emanating from the Sword: Light is the symbol of knowledge and enlightenment.