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Objectives, Vision and Mission

The objectives, vision and mission for which the college was established have always served as a light-house for all the decisions and activities undertaken for the development of the college.

• To impart education according to the syllabi of the University.
• To carry out directives & directions of the UGC, DPI Colleges Punjab and the University.
• To lay stress on moral and cultural values.
• To make students aware of the teachings of Sikhism according to Shri Guru Granth Sahib and encourage them to follow them in letter and spirit in their life.
• To develop ideal human resource for meeting diverse socio-economic requirements of the society.
• To impart and disseminate knowledge that has a significant impact on the personality of students and that can make them self-reliant and shoulder their responsibilities.
• To keep pace with the changing trends in the field of education and IT.
• To motivate the students to take part in sports, cultural and
community development activities alongwith academic activities.
• To promote and propagate Punjabi heritage, language and culture.

* To provide an affordable and qualitative educational journey to the students of rural, backward and Kandi area of Sarhali and adjoining region and shape them into responsible citizens, visionary scholars, innovative educators, and creative leaders through the transformative power of education and philosophy of Sikhism.

* To promote the college as an institute of excellence.
* To develop programs that ensure our students are churned out to be ready and successful in job market, defence forces, entrepreneurship, sports and business world after passing out from college.
* To promote morality, ethical values and sobriety as per the teachings of “Sri Guru Granth Sahib” and encourage students to serve the community and country in a meaningful way.