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Anti-Ragging Cell

To check the menace of ragging, an anti-ragging committee has been constituted on the directives of Honourable Supreme Court of India. Students must note that RAGGING IS A CRIME AND PUNISHABLE BY LAW as per the the Judgement of Supreme Court of India on prevention of ragging. Students should also read UGC's regulations on Ragging. An undertaking will be taken at the time of admission from every student that he/she will not involve himself / herself in ragging. At the same, college students are advised to visit website and submit their affidavit that thet will not indulge in Ragging or any form of violent behaviour. Neither will they tolerate being ragged or subjected to violence. If a student is found guilty of the ragging he/she will be expelled from the college. The committee will recommend to the Principal to register FIR against students indulging in ragging.

The affected student(s) can approach the Principal / Anti-ragging Committee direct.

The student(s) concerned may also send an email to college's official email id:
They may also submit the form given below to lodge their grievance and or report any ragging activity in the college campus.
An thorough enquiry will be conducted and final action will be taken within 7 days. The identity of the student will be kept confidential.
Submit Your Grievance or Report Ragging Activity
(To be submitted only by bona fide student(s) of the college)